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When you wear ME to WE you make a statement heard around the world

When you buy a unique ME to WE product – a one-of-a-kind bracelet for you best friend, a birthday card for your sister, a cool new backpack for your son – you’ve made a commitment to helping transform the world. Every purchase gives a life-changing gift to a child or family in WE Charity’s partner communities, from school supplies to health care to alternative income opportunities and more. And thanks to our Track Your Impact tool, you get a close-up look at where your gift was delivered and how it transforms a life.

Our Impacts

A brighter future starts with tools to succeed. All ME to WE products carry the Track Your Impact promise and create sustainable change around the world in WE Villages communities and here at home through WE Schools programs. Enter Your Code to see the impact you’ve made.

Track Your Impact

Get a close-up look at how you can transform lives at
Track Your Impact.

ME to WE Artisans

Every piece of Artisans jewellery is handmade by a woman in Kenya. Using traditional skills passed down from Mama to Mama, her hands create the one-of-a-kind piece you hold in yours. With each bead and stitch, she earns her way to a better life – she can send her children to school, feed them what they need to grow up strong and healthy, perhaps even start her own business. ME to WE Artisans empowers her to take control of her life, and transform her family’s future.

Behind the Beads

Forty-two-year-old Rahab Sopiato lives in the Maasai community of Kajiiado, a two-day walk south of Nairobi in Kenya’s Rift Valley.
She gave birth to the first of three children when she was just 12. She bursts out laughing when I ask what happened to the father - he didn’t stick around, she tells me, so she scratched out a living making charcoal.

It was grueling work. Rahab scavenged branches, chopped them into pieces, covered the pile in leaves, set it alight, and buried it in dirt. The heap smoldered. In three days’ time, she had charcoal briquettes, enough to fill one sack.

The market was a three-hour walk away, so she would borrow a neighbour’s donkey. If she was lucky, she sold the sack for 100 Kenyan shillings, enough to buy corn flour to make a thin porridge for her children. If she wasn’t, she returned home with the sack but no food for dinner.

Rahab sold charcoal for 30 years. She was thin and sickly and so were her children. She couldn’t afford to send her eldest daughter to high school, which in Kenya can cost the equivalent of $350 CDN a year.

Four years ago, Rahab joined ME to WE Artisans making beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings, just as her mother taught her – and transformed her life. With the money she has earned, she has sent her eldest daughter to secondary school. She’s bought cows so her family has milk. And she set’s up a small shop selling sugar, soda, flour, rice, potatoes and sweets, beading for Artisans while she waits for customers.

At night, Rahab sits on the comfortable cushioned seats she bought, in her newly painted house, and watches her small TV. She pats her stomach and strong thighs and says the extra pounds she has gained are another sign of her good fortune.

This is what happens when you shop ME to WE Artisans because together, we empower people and transform lives.

- Shelley Page

Fashion In Action

Our passionate partners share our belief that together we can empower communities and transform lives.

To learn more about ME to WE, visit metowe.com.