My Maasai Life book


Opportunity isn't a chance; it's a choice. And the choices we make ultimately define the paths our lives will take.

Growing up in suburban Illinois, Robin Wiszowaty never pictured herself hauling water on her back four times a day up a dusty footpath, or living in a tiny hut made of cow dung. She never pictured herself meeting terminally ill patients in an AIDS ward, playing with starving street children in Nairobi's slums or whitewater rafting down the Nile's crocodile-infested waters. Yet, in her early 20s, Robin embarked on an incredible journey that would shake her from complacency, take her to unimaginable places and change her life forever.

Follow Robin's remarkable voyage as she joins an impoverished Maasai family in rural Kenya and travels through some of the most remote areas of East Africa. With a foreword by Marc and Craig Kielburger, and full-color photographs from her unique adventures, Robin's heartwrenching story will spur you to question your own priorities as she seeks new definitions of home and community.

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