A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone

Maybe you’re in a relationship—good for you. But your Valentine doesn’t need to be a romantic partner. Single people like chocolate, too, and sweet treats, or something unique, handmade and special.

So think outside the heart-shaped-box on Valentine’s Day, and show friends and family that you love them—even if you don’t like them like that.

Show your loved ones they’re worth more than trivial, last-minute gifts—even gas stations stock cheap candy in packaging with festive pink flourishes. Our Valentine’s Day gift guide will help you spread the love by giving back, with meaningful presents that make a difference. Here are our top picks.

For the whole class (x2!): Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Valentines

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and don’t all schools smell like formaldehyde, rubber erasers and sweaty gym uniforms? Send your kid to class packing a better sensory experience with scratch ‘n’ sniff Valentines from ME to WE. Each illustrated card comes with the heady aroma of candy. Even sweeter? Proceeds support education for children in communities around the world where WE Charity works. Bonus: these cards are on a special offer—buy one, get one free! So you won’t have to stress over the class list and the card count.

For your go-to gal (who even answers your 2am phone calls): Share and Pair Rafikis

Gift your sibling or BFF a bracelet set that says: I still love you, even if I hate you sometimes. These adorable matching accessories are daily reminders that you’re two of a kind, and you’re in this together no matter what. Your sister or best girlfriend will love the unique jewellery, handmade by Kenyan mamas, and love that it helps fund international health programming. Since it’s a set, you get a gift, too, for a little self-love.

For the person who appreciates the finer things: ME to WE Chocolate That Changes Lives™TM

You don’t want to give the stuff in the heart-shaped box from the company you’ve never heard of that only appears in drugstores around Valentine’s Day. You want to gift the good stuff. Your favourite chocolate lover can taste the difference. Award-winning ME to WE chocolate is made with world-renowned Fairtrade-certified cacao beans from the Ecuadorian Amazon, a region famous for its crop. Farmers earn fair wages growing the beans and proceeds from the sales support education for the farmers’ families.

For the woman who raised you: Mama Toti Bracelet

No judgement if your mom is your Valentine. She gives you the most unconditional love, even when you’re being kind of a brat. Connect your mom to a mother in Kenya, like Mama Toti, the namesake for this handcrafted piece. With her first ME to WE Artisans paycheque, Mama Toti bought two goats to start a milk business. Your purchase of this bracelet gives a goat to one woman like Mama Toti.

For your significant other: Leather Passport Holder

Because your significant other may need to get away from you. If you are part of a couple, we’re all about separate vacations. This gift is the perfect travel accessory. Handmade with soft Kenyan leather, it’s designed to gain character with age—just like a good relationship. Celebrate the time-honoured traditions of fundis (leatherworkers) with a nod to Maasai artisanal traditions

For that one person who loves sappy TV romance as much as you do: Love Rafiki Bracelet

If you’re really into Valentine’s Day and all of its charms, this Rafiki is for you. It literally says “I love you” in cartoon hearts, so it’s the perfect sentiment for that special someone. (But friends can feel the love too—platonically speaking. In fact, rafiki means “friend” in Swahili.) This bracelet was handmade—with love—by female entrepreneurs in Kenya, and proceeds go to health programming.

For your group chat ladies: Semiprecious Tamaa Bracelet

Is your squad throwing a Galentine’s Day party? (They should be.) Bring the hostess a gift with the mostest, like this Semiprecious Tamaa Bracelet. Through ME to WE Artisans, women entrepreneurs in rural Kenya and Ecuador earn fair wages and gain access to wider markets for their work. What better gift for a day that celebrates female friendships and the sisterhood. Your Galentine will love it.