The ultimate gift guide for every zodiac sign.

The ultimate gift guide for every zodiac sign

This holiday season, your horoscope predicts you will #GiftGood. Choose ME to WE and give with purpose to all the loved ones in your life, no matter what their sign.

1. PISCES - Give your fish friend Pisces a Holiday Wish Bracelet, colored blue to match the clean water resources it helps fund. The perfect gift for the zodiac’s compassionate water sign.

2. ARIES - Give your favorite fire sign this set of six Holiday Rafiki Bracelets, handmade by entrepreneurs in Kenya—women who definitely take charge. Aries loves to lead.

3. CAPRICORN - Help your ambitious Capricorn wear their inner strength on their sleeve—or close to their heart—with this "Connected through Strength" necklace that supports children’s education in developing communities.

4. SCORPIO - A Scorpio knows what they want. Give them the energy to go after it with ME to WE Coffee That Changes Lives™, and support small business training for women in Kenya and Ecuador, where the beans are sourced.

5. LEO - Leos are natural leaders; fittingly, this Minga bracelet gives back to the education of young change-makers.

6. SAGITTARIUS - Give a nod to that oddball sense of humor you love in your favorite Sagittarius with these quirky llama ornaments. Handmade in Ecuador, they fund business training for women entrepreneurs in the region.

7. AQUARIUS - Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac, so any #GiftGood item will work. But may we recommend a Holiday DIY Rafiki Kit? Let these independent minds make their own gift while giving health programs to WE Charity partner communities around the world.

8. GEMINI - Geminis are complicated. This handmade bracelet set can be separated for two bffs or kept for your Gemini and all their dynamic moods.

9. LIBRA - Help the balance-seeking Libra in your life satisfy their indulgent side with a selection of award-winning ME to WE Chocolate That Changes Lives™. A Fairtrade sweet treat that gives education? Now that is harmony.

10. CANCER - Cancers are nothing if not sentimental; this beaded bracelet pulls at the heartstrings. Each purchase gives a goat to an incredible woman like Mama Toti, who the piece was named for, to start a milk business and provide for her family.

11. TAURUS - If you know a Taurus, you know they like nice things. Give a gift set that spells out luxury with a bath bomb, Fairtrade chocolate and hand-beaded jewelry, while also funding education and health care.

12. VIRGO - Gift your high-strung Virgo a bit of calm with this Serenity Rafiki, a reminder for this selfless sign that they can take time for themselves while still helping others—in this case, with a bracelet that gives health care.